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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Body Image

My junior theme is about body image. Why do 70% of young girls have body image and self-esteem issues?

It seems that most girls have body image issues because of models they see in magazines, or dainty sports players on commercials. It's not an uncommon thing for anyone to have body issues, but majority of them are girls. Even Serena Williams has body issues, and gets criticized for them a lot because she has big muscles. The root of many body image issues comes from girls looking looking at models and believe that's what they should look like, and don't feel good enough in their own body.

I chose  this topic because I feel that as society has become more involved in technology the issues of body image have gotten worse since no matter what social media you are on there will be picture of some skinny girl. Girls will feel bad about themselves because they feel that they need to look like that skinny girl. About 80% of girls up to the age of 10 have been on at least one diet in their life already. 35%-57% of girls are involved in extreme dieting, which will most likely lead to an eating disorder. 69% of girls say that they believe they should look like girls in magazines and out of 47% of that 69% says it influences them to diet.

Society shouldn't put the idea of being perfect in the minds of young girls today. There needs to be more people out there like Serena Williams who has grown to become comfortable with her body and does keeps her body the way she feels she should and not the way society feels she should. Serena is an inspiration for all girls out there and I hope they learn to love themselves and not change for anyone.

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