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Sunday, January 31, 2016


Ehrenreich is not treated fairly by management because she is a woman Ibelieve, when she is working for Ted. He does not treat Barbara or any of the other employees with respect, until Barbara yells at him, and he still only is kind to her and not the other girls. I believe the jobs that are open to low income woman are very limited. I believe they only have a few options such as being a maid, or a waitress. As you see time and time again the manager position is filled by a male, not a female. "I'm taking it, rules or no rules, and if word gets back to Ted, I'll just say I thought it would be rude to refuse" (84). Ted is the manager and he is a very mean guy so when Barara is did something she wasn't supposed to do she was trying to cover for herself because he is such a mean boss.

"The big question is why Ted's approval means so much" (117). Even though Ted is a rude boss who doesn't treat his workers right they still try ad satisfy him no matter what. This shows these maids are willing to go through some rough times at work just to keep there jobs. It would be hard for them to find other jobs if they quit because there is such a limited window for low income woman when in comes to jobs. Ted feels he can treat these woman in a horrible way because he feels supieor because he is the male and the boss. Neither of those things gives someone the right to treat woman as poorly as Ted did.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Nickel and Dimed Part 1.

In the book Nickel and Dimed the author Barbara Ehrenreich shows us that poor people face other hardships other than money. At the first restaurant that Barbara works in she gets the background of most of her co-workers. They are all poor and face many struggles in their everyday lives. "Joan...lives in a van parked behind a shopping center" (26). "Andy, lives on his dry-docked boat" (26). Some of her co-workers don't even live in houses or trailer parks, they just live in vehicles. The poor also have to face not living in a proper living space. I believe everyone deserves to live in some sort of home, no one should live in their car or boat. According to Wikipedia the top three cities that have people living in their cars are New York (56%), Washington D.C. (38%), and Boston (37%). 

Poor people are also missing out on some of the things that we do in our everyday lives that we take for granted. We can go to the movies or the mall whenever we want with out thinking about it, not everyone can have that luxury. "Though no one, I notice, ever brings up anything potentially expensive, like shopping or movies" (36). I never really think about the things that poor people don't have besides money. I believe Barbara didn't think about things poor people are missing out on since she just realized the girls she works with never talk about expensive things. I never looked passed the money, I just kind of forgot that you need to have money to do a lot of things that are normal in my everyday life. This makes me want to work harder for the benefits in life like the people in this story have to.