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Sunday, December 13, 2015


Finals are a stressful time. Students overwhelm themselves for basically no reason. I don't think that finals should be such a big deal. One day shouldn't determine how smart you are or what grade you have in a class. Overall, the final doesn't affect your grade that much, you usually get the grade on it that you have in that class. So it is kind of pointless to take a test that already shows your results in the class. Another pointless thing about finals is that you already learned and took tests for all the material that is on the final, so why do we have to show our teachers that we know how to do things that we were already graded on.

I actually don't mind studying for the tests because it makes me feel smart. I already learned all the material and know how to do it all. The actual test is what stresses me out because I always leave the room feeling like I bombed it. I know it is the other way around for most students because of all the organization that you need to do to lead up to the actual studying. If there was a choice between having to do finals at the end of each semester and having to take one accumulative final I think many people would choose to have two because it wouldn't be as stressful and as much material on each test. Overall, I believe that finals should't be a thing because it exhausts and stresses students out, for a test that won't really swing their grade at all.


  1. I agree. I think finals are overemphasized because it is worth 15% of my grade. But to defend New Trier and other high schools, colleges have finals too, and they are just preparing us for it. Maybe a solution is freshman don't need to take finals, and some sophomore classes have finals and others don't. Juniors and first semester seniors will still have normal finals, but at least the system will prepare us, but not overwhelm us.

  2. While I don't enjoy finals, it is an important way to asses a students knowledge over a semester, and therefore still required