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Stevenson on drugs

Stevenson High school has a heroin problem. I am very surprised by this because I feel like a school that is this close and this similar to ...

Monday, November 2, 2015

Keep the Fans in the Stands

Congratulations go out to Coach Doll and the entire varsity New Trier football team for another great season of exciting football. Making the state playoffs and winning their first round game is a wonderful accomplishment, the best news being they are still alive on the road to the state championship. The students who came out all season long to support the team should be applauded as well. The home field advantage the team enjoyed was the result of students cheering the team on in spite of discouragement from the administration to continue to attend games en mass. An email was sent out earlier this fall, that in my opinion, had the effect of discouraging fans from turning out at the games, particularly students.  These are the very people however, that we want in the stands, rooting the team on, and displaying school spirit while staying out of trouble. Now I know the email expressed concern about the safety of the fans in the stands, as well it should. But rather than have the students who wanted to attend the game jump through wristband hoops to get into the stadium, why not come up with an alternative idea to try and accommodate all who would like to attend the games. A school in excess of 4000 students should have a better solution than to offer just 800 seats in the student section. How about asking for parent volunteers to oversee sections of overflow students in either of the end zones or on the hill adjacent to the entrance rather than dispersing them into areas where they cannot sit together. What about some temporary student bleachers at the south end? Granted safety and logistics need to be ironed out but a goal of the athletic department for next year should be to find a way to have all the students who would like to attend the football games be given that opportunity to do so without the restraints of wristbands and/or lotteries. We are fortunate to live in a community that has in the past shown a willingness to meet challenges such as these with great resolve. Hopefully the administration will see fit to being a little more accommodating next year to the students wishing to simply display some school spirit at future football games.

- Dave O'Donoghue

Stevenson on drugs

Stevenson High school has a heroin problem. I am very surprised by this because I feel like a school that is this close and this similar to New Trier wouldn't have such a big problem with a hard drug like heroin. The school has given and taught the nurses how to use the antidote Evizo, which stops overdoes by releasing the antidote naloxone from the body. The fact that a school has to give out something that will prevent overdosing is crazy to me, they should be taking other precautions to prevent drug use rather than basically encouraging it by handing out something that will help during an overdoes.

To help prevent the outbreak of heroin from Stevenson they should have locker and bag searches to make sure kids aren't bringing it to school to deal. The police should crack down at popular hangouts during the weekends, and the school should send out an email to the parents of all the students to keep them up to date so they can check in with their children to make sure nothing is wrong. The school could do more than just teach the nurses how to use an epipen like antidote. Heroin is a serious drug, you get addicted right after you do it the first time. According to NBC Chicago news, heroin use among Illinois high school students is a rising problem due to the competition with academics, sports, clubs, etc. The drug is used as a stress relief for the overwhelmed students. Schools, parents, and students themselves shouldn't be putting that much pressure on kids and themselves to cause major drug problems. Overall, a drug like heroin shouldn't even be exposed to high school students, the school and parents should be doing more things to prevent the drug use. What do you think Stevenson should do to prevent drug use throughout the school?

For more information on this topic visit NBC Chicago news, http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Suburban-High-School-to-Stock-Antidote-to-Heroin-Overdoses-339445662.html