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Sunday, October 4, 2015


New Trier goes all out when it comes to school dances. Homecoming was this weekend and the lead up was grand. Homecoming starts off with the pep rally in the auditorium a week or two before the dance/football game. In my opinion it is a weak way to start off a fun event. Sitting in the auditorium with 1/3 of the school at 8:15 on a Tuesday morning while stale tootsie rolls are being thrown at you is not how you get teenagers pumped up for such an event. The week to follow is spirit week. I love spirit week I think it is really fun, and its nice not having to plan out outfits for a whole week. When it comes to spirit week though the turn out for spirited kids decreased from last year in my opinion. The Sophomores seem to bee too cool for school and didn't dress up it looked like. I think people are too scared about what others think so it holds them back from participating in spirit week, and not just the sophomores, juniors too, and even some seniors. The next big part of Homecoming week is the football game! Unlike spirit week, most students show up to the game ready to win, this is where I find the school making another fault. As the adviser chairs may think this is a good idea to only let 800 of the 3000+ plus students who might actually want to go into the bleachers, it is not being stuck on the outside watching all your peers having fun in the stands when you have to stand with the freshman is not fun. Then, Saturday comes around, where every time who is going to the dance is rushing around trying to fix the last little details for their night. The night of Homecoming is a whole ordeal, you have pictures, dinner, dance, and after party. At most schools you don't order a party bus or limo to cart you around to all these places, but of course at NT we go all out.

In my opinion people focus more on the things that are surrounding the dance than the actual event that brought us all to the occasion. They stay for about 30 mins or less and just stand there, unless you are a senior and most juniors. I talked to my friends little sister and she told me she didn't have that much fun at Homecoming because they just stood around at the dance and that she felt out of place in her formal clothes. Underratedly the dance is the most fun part of the night because you get to see everyone's costumes and see the friends who aren't in your group. What is your favorite part of the whole Homecoming week? Or what is your opinion on Homecoming in general?


  1. Molly, I really liked this blog! My favorite part of Homecoming week is definitely spirit week - I feel like spirit week pumps people up way more than the assembly, which I agree is a super weak way to get people excited for what is supposed to be a really fun event. I didn't go to homecoming this year, I went out of town instead, and in a way it was really nice not to have to stress out about planning and such. I was also sad though, because dances are, to a point, fun. I do feel that homecoming is blown out of proportion and the actual dance should be the most fun part of the night.

  2. I agree with you that people focus more on the aspects that don't involve the actual school dance. Do you think there is anything the school can do to change the views of the students?

  3. Molly, why no blog posts in a month?! I'm glad you use pictures to enhance your posts --and nice pic here! yours? -- and you begin to take a position. But you can go bolder here. What exactly do you propose? And can you take the issue beyond the dance to the idea of school spirit in general or the ways in which large groups can be unified with a common event, a common purpose? What of people who don't participate, who don't feel invited?