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Stevenson on drugs

Stevenson High school has a heroin problem. I am very surprised by this because I feel like a school that is this close and this similar to ...

Monday, December 14, 2015

Final: Same Love

Macklemore is a nonconformist. He isn't the most popular rapper, some people may even think of him as a joke. Even if he is conceived as a joke his songs have meaning and get topics across that some people consider uncomfortable to talk about. He is a nonconformist because he goes against what people think rap music is. Instead of rapping about drugs, money, and sex, Macklemore raps about problems in today's society. In the song "Same Love" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis they sing/ rap about how gay people should be equal in society and should't be discriminated against because of the way they live their lives.

Even though society today is way more accepting of gay people than they were even 5 years ago, there are still people who believe that being gay is wrong and that it can be fixed. Many different types of people don't believe that being gay is politically correct. "The right wing conservatives think it's a decision and you can be cured with some treatment and religion" (line 11-12). The "right wing conservatives" believe that everything should be traditional. They believe that gay people are nonconformists, in a bad way may I add, because they aren't your "traditional" relationship and go against what the more conservative and traditional people believe as normal. You are taught to be yourself, but how can you be if there are so many different people knocking you down when you are yourself. "Live on be yourself When I was at church they taught me something else" (line 31). The church wants you to conform to societies expectations of being perfect. I believe that no matter who you like or what you believe in, you should be accepted in today's society. Clearly we aren't as progressed as we should be since the church and conservatives still believe that you have to be traditional to be equal. I don't understand why being different is a big deal , I thought everyone was supposed to be different and unique in their own way. We are taught this in kindergarten, yet when some people show who they really are they aren't treated as equals.

Inequality in our society has always been a problem, if it comes to African American, Muslims, gays, etc. Inequality has lead people to not conform to the perfect expectations of society. "The same fight that led people to walk outs and sit ins" (line 29). When people are participating in walks, protests, and sit ins they are fighting for something they believe in. They are fighting against society to be equal. Just like the book March we read in class, the gay community and it's supporters protested against the laws and discrimination they received from the general public through the same tactics as African Americans have. Macklemore believes that you should test the boundaries of society. As he did when writing a rap song about gay rights. And as gay people did when fighting for equality. He believes you shouldn't conform to staying silent, you should be heard and have a voice. "Everyone...more comfortable remaining voiceless" (line 3 pg.2). You need to fight against conformity and fight for your human rights so you aren't discriminated for just being yourself.

Overall, I believe the song "Same Love" doesn't conform to society. Even though gay marriage is legal in the U.S. now, and many of our younger generations are more accepting of how people live their lives, I feel that their is still a little ways to go for the gay community in terms of being treated equal by some individuals. I also believe this song doesn't conform to society because it goes against rap the stereotypical "rap music" that is popular throughout many young people. "If I was gay I would think hip-hop music hates me" (line 22). Macklemore even states in his song that this genre of music and gay people don't mesh. He would rather get an important message out to the public about gay rights and suffer some hate from the hip- hop community, than conform to the ways of rap music and be like every other rapper that is on the radio. Macklemore is a nonconformist.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Finals are a stressful time. Students overwhelm themselves for basically no reason. I don't think that finals should be such a big deal. One day shouldn't determine how smart you are or what grade you have in a class. Overall, the final doesn't affect your grade that much, you usually get the grade on it that you have in that class. So it is kind of pointless to take a test that already shows your results in the class. Another pointless thing about finals is that you already learned and took tests for all the material that is on the final, so why do we have to show our teachers that we know how to do things that we were already graded on.

I actually don't mind studying for the tests because it makes me feel smart. I already learned all the material and know how to do it all. The actual test is what stresses me out because I always leave the room feeling like I bombed it. I know it is the other way around for most students because of all the organization that you need to do to lead up to the actual studying. If there was a choice between having to do finals at the end of each semester and having to take one accumulative final I think many people would choose to have two because it wouldn't be as stressful and as much material on each test. Overall, I believe that finals should't be a thing because it exhausts and stresses students out, for a test that won't really swing their grade at all.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Did Christmas Come too Early This Year?

I don't know if I'm the only one who noticed this, but Christmas came to early this year. Grocery stores all around the Northshore had their holiday decoration up even before Thanksgiving. In my opinion grocery stores should advertise Thanksgiving before Christmas, the food is the most important part of Thanksgiving. I saw lights up around town before Thanksgiving as well. 93.9 always starts their holiday celebration prematurely, Christmas music is being played the second November 1st hits the clock. By the time December rolls around I'm tired of hearing the songs because my mom insists on playing Christmas music whenever we are in the car. No need to sound like the scrooge here but I think everyone can only listen to Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
a certain amount of times before losing it.

Don't get me wrong I love Christmas, it is such a happy time of the year around here, but sometimes it can be much. Some of the positives of early Christmas is it gives you something to look forward to, even if it is pretty far away. It also makes a really pretty scene with the lights and trees. My favorite part about Christmas is going downtown and seeing all the lights and going ice skating. What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

Monday, November 2, 2015

Keep the Fans in the Stands

Congratulations go out to Coach Doll and the entire varsity New Trier football team for another great season of exciting football. Making the state playoffs and winning their first round game is a wonderful accomplishment, the best news being they are still alive on the road to the state championship. The students who came out all season long to support the team should be applauded as well. The home field advantage the team enjoyed was the result of students cheering the team on in spite of discouragement from the administration to continue to attend games en mass. An email was sent out earlier this fall, that in my opinion, had the effect of discouraging fans from turning out at the games, particularly students.  These are the very people however, that we want in the stands, rooting the team on, and displaying school spirit while staying out of trouble. Now I know the email expressed concern about the safety of the fans in the stands, as well it should. But rather than have the students who wanted to attend the game jump through wristband hoops to get into the stadium, why not come up with an alternative idea to try and accommodate all who would like to attend the games. A school in excess of 4000 students should have a better solution than to offer just 800 seats in the student section. How about asking for parent volunteers to oversee sections of overflow students in either of the end zones or on the hill adjacent to the entrance rather than dispersing them into areas where they cannot sit together. What about some temporary student bleachers at the south end? Granted safety and logistics need to be ironed out but a goal of the athletic department for next year should be to find a way to have all the students who would like to attend the football games be given that opportunity to do so without the restraints of wristbands and/or lotteries. We are fortunate to live in a community that has in the past shown a willingness to meet challenges such as these with great resolve. Hopefully the administration will see fit to being a little more accommodating next year to the students wishing to simply display some school spirit at future football games.

- Dave O'Donoghue

Stevenson on drugs

Stevenson High school has a heroin problem. I am very surprised by this because I feel like a school that is this close and this similar to New Trier wouldn't have such a big problem with a hard drug like heroin. The school has given and taught the nurses how to use the antidote Evizo, which stops overdoes by releasing the antidote naloxone from the body. The fact that a school has to give out something that will prevent overdosing is crazy to me, they should be taking other precautions to prevent drug use rather than basically encouraging it by handing out something that will help during an overdoes.

To help prevent the outbreak of heroin from Stevenson they should have locker and bag searches to make sure kids aren't bringing it to school to deal. The police should crack down at popular hangouts during the weekends, and the school should send out an email to the parents of all the students to keep them up to date so they can check in with their children to make sure nothing is wrong. The school could do more than just teach the nurses how to use an epipen like antidote. Heroin is a serious drug, you get addicted right after you do it the first time. According to NBC Chicago news, heroin use among Illinois high school students is a rising problem due to the competition with academics, sports, clubs, etc. The drug is used as a stress relief for the overwhelmed students. Schools, parents, and students themselves shouldn't be putting that much pressure on kids and themselves to cause major drug problems. Overall, a drug like heroin shouldn't even be exposed to high school students, the school and parents should be doing more things to prevent the drug use. What do you think Stevenson should do to prevent drug use throughout the school?

For more information on this topic visit NBC Chicago news, http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Suburban-High-School-to-Stock-Antidote-to-Heroin-Overdoses-339445662.html

Sunday, October 4, 2015


New Trier goes all out when it comes to school dances. Homecoming was this weekend and the lead up was grand. Homecoming starts off with the pep rally in the auditorium a week or two before the dance/football game. In my opinion it is a weak way to start off a fun event. Sitting in the auditorium with 1/3 of the school at 8:15 on a Tuesday morning while stale tootsie rolls are being thrown at you is not how you get teenagers pumped up for such an event. The week to follow is spirit week. I love spirit week I think it is really fun, and its nice not having to plan out outfits for a whole week. When it comes to spirit week though the turn out for spirited kids decreased from last year in my opinion. The Sophomores seem to bee too cool for school and didn't dress up it looked like. I think people are too scared about what others think so it holds them back from participating in spirit week, and not just the sophomores, juniors too, and even some seniors. The next big part of Homecoming week is the football game! Unlike spirit week, most students show up to the game ready to win, this is where I find the school making another fault. As the adviser chairs may think this is a good idea to only let 800 of the 3000+ plus students who might actually want to go into the bleachers, it is not being stuck on the outside watching all your peers having fun in the stands when you have to stand with the freshman is not fun. Then, Saturday comes around, where every time who is going to the dance is rushing around trying to fix the last little details for their night. The night of Homecoming is a whole ordeal, you have pictures, dinner, dance, and after party. At most schools you don't order a party bus or limo to cart you around to all these places, but of course at NT we go all out.

In my opinion people focus more on the things that are surrounding the dance than the actual event that brought us all to the occasion. They stay for about 30 mins or less and just stand there, unless you are a senior and most juniors. I talked to my friends little sister and she told me she didn't have that much fun at Homecoming because they just stood around at the dance and that she felt out of place in her formal clothes. Underratedly the dance is the most fun part of the night because you get to see everyone's costumes and see the friends who aren't in your group. What is your favorite part of the whole Homecoming week? Or what is your opinion on Homecoming in general?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Water on Mars

Recently NASA has discovered water on mars. This is a break through for the world. Discovering that there is water on Mars could lead us to discover that their is some sort of life on Mars. If there was life on Mars that would mean we are not the only living things in this universe. Even though there is no possible way for anything to be just like the humans that walk the Earth, the discovery of a little bacteria even would be astonishing. The water is not constant though, it comes and goes with the seasons so does the salt within the water. NASA wants to send up a space craft to Mars in the year 2020. A few years ago NASA discovered there used to be drinkable water on Mars billions of years ago. Hopefully they come up with more interesting discoveries within the next few years.

I think this is the coolest thing ever, space is so interesting to me. Even if we only do find a small particle of bacteria on Mars that could branch out and make a whole new species of something. NASA has been working on finding the water for years, and had to check and double check all of their work to make sure it is correct. I believe they will find some bacteria in the water they have discovered. The scientists said they will try and find life on Mars within the next few years. Do you think that they will find life are Mars soon?



Sunday, September 20, 2015

Clock or what

America is supposed to be a place of freedom. It is supposed to be a reminder of family and unity, I mean it even has the word United in its name. If America is supposed to be all those things, than why do we treat each other with straight up disrespect. You've probably heard about the 14 year old boy who brought a clock to school and was arrested for it, because a teacher thought it was a bomb. Some people say he was only arrested because he is Muslim, others say the teacher was just doing her job. I believe Ahmed was just trying to impress his teacher by making a homemade clock. Yeah the device looks a little suspicious but he is a 14 year old boy who just loves science, how harmful can he be?

The way other people reacted was what pissed me off about this situation. Sarah Palin came out saying that she believed Ahmed was in fact carrying a bomb around school, and that Obama jumped the gun about inviting him to the white house. She not only accused a 14 year old boy of a huge crime he clearly isn't capable of, but also was very rude about it. “Right. That’s a clock, and I’m the Queen of England.” (WGNTV.com). Also the police shouldn't have arrested Ahmed. The police should't have even been involved unless the teacher was 100% sure the clock was a bomb. It was bad press towards that particular school and towards the United States implying that we believe all Muslims are bad people. Who accuses a 14 year old about building a bomb? What do you think could have been done differently in this situation? 

Check out these link for a full news story!

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Ends Justify the Means

In the novel, The Round House by Louise Erdrich all Joe wants is to get back at Lark, the man who attacked his mother, and give him the justice Joe believes Lark deserves. Joe will go to any length he believes Lark deserves, meaning Joe is willing to kill. Joe never thought killing Lark was a bad idea, and never second guessed himself. When he was shooting the gun I believe Joe was just nervous about taking the life of someone else, but he never didn't want to follow through with the plan. He knew that his fear would pass once he had committed the crime, even though he was shaking and had to have Cappy finish off the job. Joe got justice because now that Lark is dead he can't harm anyone anymore and can't walk free like the justice system believes is alright in this case. If they can't lock up Lark for good than matters will have to be dealt with was Joe's thoughts.

Joe's actions show that no matter what he is willing to protect his family and help them in any way possible, even if it means killing someone. Joe believes he got justice because he had this idea of killing Lark in his head since the day he found out his mother was attacked. He isn't afraid to go as far as possible to get what he thinks is right out of a situation. I believe Joe's actions represent him as a consequentialist. "Now I knew fear, I also knew it was not permanent. As powerful as it was, its grip on me would loosen. It would pass," (Erdrich 264). No matter how afraid Joe is to kill Lark he knows it will pass and Lark will die, he isn't afraid of the consequences the might come upon him. According to the definition of consequentialism "if a goal is morally important enough, any method of achieving it is acceptable," (Wikipedia). Joe follows that out by doing the worst thing you can do to a person. Kill them.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Kanye West Taking Over Politics

Kanye West announced that he was running for president during the VMA'S last weekend. I don't know if he actually will end up running, but since he is a very popular artist I think it will definitely get younger kids involved in politics due to his popularity with the younger generations. The election is five years away, and yes I do think he will change his mind by then. By him saying "I have decided in 2020 to run for president," is just telling us that that is his decision right now. There are no key words in his speech that guarantee us his place in the 2020 election. I myself hope that he does run for president because it would be a breathe of fresh air from the stuffy politicians who only care about themselves, not saying Kanye West wouldn't be selfish but it is better than Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. If Kanye West became president I think all hell would break loose but I also think it would give young people a voice and open up a lot or doors for people who usually don't have a say. Even though we still need to get through the 2016 election I'm sure many people are anxious to see what happens in 2020. 
Check out Kanyes full speech below!